Dear Diary —

Have I mentioned exactly how much I hate java programmers?

I do, I hope they all just disappear off the face of the earth.

Jorge, the java programmer where I work, is a lazy bastard. He continues to pass off work that should be his to me. I gave him the source code to complete the conversion he needs to do in his native so-called language, java, and he STILL refuses to implement it properly, thereby pushing the project back a week.

Furthermore, the other stuff I gave him, the tone files, he messed up the order of them, so now I have to waste another hour of my time recreating them from scratch, as opposed to doing the conversion program he is forcing me to do.

I hate java programmers.

In other news, I went to the doctor about my sickness. Apparently it’s not tuberculosis or tonsilitis, but bronchitis. And the doctor things I may be coming down with a permanent asthmatic condition. Fscking great.

So he prescribed to me about 4 million different types of pills, and gave me a shot in the ass, or his lovely assistant did, anyways. And they gave me an inhaler in case I get an asthmatic attack. Yay, happy.

I want to shoot a java programmer.

This sucks, I’m going to get some more coffee. Antihystamines make you fscking tired and irritable (gee can you tell — I’m starting to sound like crackbaby)


Quote of the Entry: “Cute, young boys are almost non-existant here. Not even to just look at.”

– tenderpoison

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