Dear Diary,

It’s official.

I’m sick of the project that I’m working on.

I cannot get this freaking program to write the .rpl/.rtpl file type correctly.

Also, I’d like to say that I hate Java programmers.

And the antihystamines are still making me drowsy and it’s increasingly difficult to operation heavy machinery. Good thing I don’t own a car anymore. The heaviest piece of machinery I operate is a coffee maker.

The people who wrote the standards for Nokia’s Ringing-Tone Programming Language are morons. They couldn’t write documentation to save their lives, and they are retarded.





I don’t know how I could stress this more, people, don’t be retarded, and we’d have fewer instances of people jumping off the 8th floor of buildings.

If only I could get Jorge the Java programmer to jump off the 8th floor balcony. Hrmm. I’ll be here trying to engineer this event. Seeya.

(By the way, Kat, I like it when you use the words “Breasts” and “rizzn” in the same mess of words, unless you are saying “Rizzn has nice breasts.”)


Quote of the Entry: “the attached zip file doesn’t contain any rtx files, or at least we couldn’t find them. Please send us the rtx files.”

– Jorge the Java Programmer

[ed: he was speaking of a .zip file I sent him NAMED with nothing but *.rtx files in it. Freakin’ Java programer]

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