Dear Diary,

:: Listening to Naan Commercial Hits (A groovy collection of music from the Emperor Norton Records catalog to help align my chakras) ::

“The robots will destroy the humanoids. The humanoids will not destroy the robots!”

It’s really sick how little of any kind of aesthetic appreciation of what good web design is some of my partners in Nutshell (the webhosting company we are starting) have. Absolutely sickening.

Their idea of a good web page is puking up a bunch of java apps, sticking them in frames, picking some clashing colors, and calling it a thing of beauty.

Absolutely disgusting, maybe they thought of three breast augmentation considerations

You’d think they were the designers for ICQ’s home page, with their sense of design.

For one thing, they touch everything with Frontpage, so immediately, any good design tags we have in there get stripped out and killed and fubared and generally messed up.

Then they stick the most godawful javascripts and scrolling java thingy’s on the page.

It takes them about 5 minutes to do a Frontpage wizard, they plop it out there, in just 5 minutes they are able to destroy 8 hours of good solid webdesign.

Yay. Happy.

I’ve got an idea about my program. I’m not hired to be a coder. How about I pass this project off to the coders and let them take car eof it. I’m sick of this.


Blow it all up. Lot’s of explosives … kaboom.


Quote of the Entry: “I have never been so proud to be Canadian. I sat on my couch and watched the Ceremonies on TV and when you walked by, I had to resist the urge to leap off the couch and burst into “Oh, Canada” (I didn’t want to wake my mom up:) “

– super fast kel

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