Dear Diary,

I miss my friend Jesse Anderson.

He was crackbaby’s and my comic relief friend in highschool.

He went off to college and I haven’t heard from him since those days.

So … because I found something written by Jesse today, or last night, more accurately, I’m going to let this diary entry be Words of Wisdom, by Jesse Anderson.

Hicks’ Poems
Scribed by Jesse Anderson

I like big trucks
I like to drink beer,
If you come fishin’
You’ll see my rear.

I got some boots
That fit good in my saddle,
My wife better be good
Or I’ll spank ‘er with my paddle.

You have pretty blue eyes,
And a real nice smile,
I’ll have to say
I like to shoot darts.

I want a rifle
To shoot a buck
Or a shot gun
For my truck.

I, uh, have some cows
And a horse.
To pick up Bubba,
It takes a lot of force.

I like to drink whiskey
And go to the bar every day.
If you want to play horseshoes,
You will have to stay.

I got a big belly,
And a big belt buckle.
Don’t look at my wife
Or it’ll give you a chuckle.

Yeah man. Classic stuff.


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