Dear Diary,

Yay freakin happy. What big news could Diaryland have of interest to me? Are they going to send a pretty girl to my aid of my every desire? I think not.

I was sitting in my friend Josh’s car the other day, driving back from Taco Bell, staring at the ice cold cup of mountain dew in my hands, and noticing that the “other” tab was pushed down.

Have you ever wondered what the other tab means?

A couple friends of mine and I did, and I think we finally figured it out. A couple friends from the ol’ home town and I were on vacation in Colorado once, and we noted that my buddy Jeff always drinks beverages marked ‘other’ and he always has to piss. I mean always. He has the bladder retention of a 90 year old. Or a 3 year old depending on how you look at it.

So other must mean piss.

So I smiled as I rode home drinking an Ice Cold Cup o’ Other.

I hope that makes you remember me and Jeff next time you get a soft drink. 🙂


Quote of the Entry: “Oh wait… I’m not really after that. I keep forgetting, though I may get the hooker for Phitt, who’s continued obsession with Packets of Vagina are deemed to be unhealthy by Surgeon Generals across the world.”

– crackbaby

Bonus Quote of the Entry: “Jesus tastes like chicken.”

– dirty a sid’s little 2 year old kid mattie, God save her soul.

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