Dear Diary,

Apparently I am mean. Sorry.

Well, I finally pretty much finished my ringtone project. So I am back to jacking off for 8 hours a day. And the other day Crackbaby and I did the happy muthafugga dance when we learned of his hire at my company.

I’m kinda going to be his boss. *snigger*. This is going to be funny.

I’m really the only programmer around here that admits to knowing anything but Java, so anyone who programs will be assigned to me.

Which reminds me to tell you .. I’m not sure if I let you folks know I was going to go to Finland. YEah, they had me scheduled to go there and learn from some phone engineers and stuff with my company (Nokia). But they cancelled my trip.

But yesterday due to a presentation I gave about how bad ass I was at programming by myself on my project, I earned a day off for the whole team on my project. So any day we want, we can just take a day off.

So like, either next friday or the friday afterwards, we are going to head out to Chicago, the Blackman and I to take care of some of *my* company’s business.

Which reminds me, I own a hosting company. If you want to be on it, I can hook you up with some really cheap rates. I think I’m going to come up with a d’lander rate for some stripped down domain name stuff.

Go to here and check out our NappyAssTempHomePage (TM) that we have up until the real site is done (we hired a company to do our corporate image thing — expect to see commercials in a few months).

If the prices are too high or something, or if you want other services, give me an email an i’ll hook you up.

— end commercial —

So if anyone wants to see what rizzn looks like in chicago, um, meet me there and I’ll show you. or you’ll see, and run away screaming. or something.

anyway, I’m going to walk around with papers in my hands until the next meeting so people think I’m busy.


Quote of the Entry: “Something’s boring me. I think it’s me.”

– kat

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