Dear Diary,

This letter to you, diary, is a result of reading Malkavia’s entry today.

Apparently she is getting laid off as is everyone in her office. In 6 months.

I was going to talk about how crappily I got laid off last time I got laid off, but I hated that job anyways, so it really is a moot point.

However I have come to the conlusion that Malk shouldn’t worry about what her next job should be. She should make a move for the corporate world. Crackbaby and I had this discussion on the way home from work yesterday. A discussion that causes me to amend my theory on college.

My original theory is thus: no one needs to go to college. college is a crock of sh!t that wastes your money and time the you could be using to be more ahead of the game in the real world.

Now my theory is this: go ahead! go to college! All it does is make me look better that everyone around me went to college and is performing the same job I am doing, except they suck at it. Plus it will make it easy for me to impliment my evil plan.

Infiltrate Corporate America.

It’s really easy, I don’t understand why no one has done it before.

Corporate americans don’t do anything. Look at me and Crackbaby. We jack off with both hands for eight hours a day and get paid 50k a year for it. The way I figure (and I have it on good authority that this is true), people managing people who don’t do anything must do even less.

So why am I here getting paid a measly 50k a year with no people to boss around when I can be getting paid 185k a year and have up to 80 people to boss around … for doing nothing.

It’s all about fabrication on your resume.

Literally, diary, I’m not joking around here. All you gotta be able to do is play the mind games, that are called ‘politics’*. And trust me diary, it’s not hard.

So don’t worry where your next job is going to be. Just go thru the paper, go thru monster, pick something with a majorly high salary, make sure it has to do with management, and you are set for an easy ride.

*poli – tics : poli comes from the greek root word for many, and of course tics as we all know are blood sucking arachnids.


Quote of the Entry: I am not *frumple*.

– Arilouis aka Crackbaby.

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