Dear Diary,

I’m not going to mention who I got this idea from because frankly if that person read what I think about it, they might get offended.

But to think that one should be proud that one has simply survived another day? Ha!

The world is populated with billions of people who simply survive. What good are they? What impact do they have on your life?

You can’t tell me because you don’t know.

These people simply surviving from day to day are so self interested in their own preservation that they don’t concern themselves with helping their fellow man.

These same people who are so concerned about their self-preservation are the ones who preach about the undying nature of the Human Spirit.


“I believe in human creativity.”

Yeah sure, I can agree with that.

“I believe in human capacity.”

Ambiguous, but hard to disagree with for that reason.

“I believe in the human mind.”

Yep. It exists as well.

“I believe in the human spirit.”

I believe we are inherently evil. A tendency towards the easy things in life, which is pleasure of ones self. Selfishness. Which by virtue of its existance leads to placing the cares of others behind your own. If you care at all about others.

“I believe in the ultimate beauty of the human soul.”

No way. Not at all. Ultimate beauty of something which serves itself? Unless priorities are placed upon by an outside third pary of perfection to complete the soul, nothing truly good can come from a single human. Intermittant acts of goodness motivated by what is essentially greed can occur, but goodness and beauty cannot come from within.

“I believe in humanity.”

Well, I believe it exists, anyway.

I dunno man. What do I know.


Quote of the Entry: “for this rizzn i firmly bring down the hammer o’ crushing pain ™ on your noggin .”

– dread

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