Dear Diary,

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Today I took to surfing diaries because I was bored. It has been literally many months since I have done so. Ladiebug has a neat-o diary.

Andrew has declared this week Sexcellent week. According to the diaryland founder, “…the word SEXCELLENT just cracks me up.”

In other news, words to say that sound funny when you say them which have been invented this week by various friends of Rizzn include dick nibbler, martian butt vandol, starfish chow and cock biter. Experts say that these will definately put an end to the next insult fest one should encounter with extreme prejudice.

Today, Rizzn advocate Rizzn Do’Urden launched the Diaryland Clique for people named Rizzn Clique, with a grand total of one member named Rizzn Do’Urden. In other Rizzn news, a paragraph found on this page which you happen to be reading contains the most concentrated amount of the word Rizzn to be found on the entire internet, mostly because Rizzn feels like typing the word Rizzn. Rizzn Rizzn Rizzn Rizzn. Also, Rizzn is very sleepy and loopy. Please do not allow Rizzn, should you see him, to operate heavy machinery, up to and including ATM machines.

And in our last story today, I just want to say cheer up Kelly, and anyone else who needs cheering.


Quote of the Entry: “? I remember when acronyms had clever double-meanings, like U.N.C.L.E. or K.A.O.S. or umm, okay I guess that was only on 60s spy shows. But shouldn’t life be a bit more like 60s spy shows? I say yes.”
– andrew

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