Dear Diary,

I am sick and tired of the world forcing me to take it in the ass. Every single day the world has walked up to me and said hey, Rizzn, cute butt, grab your ankles. For years, I’ll take three steps forward and two steps back, barely keeping my head above water.

Banks. What can I say about banks. Banks are this unattainable goal for me. I think the concept of a bank-based economy is a great idea in theory, but in practice, the banks force their dick in your butt every chance they can. Especially Bank of America. They suck the worst.

Think about it. Banks stay open from what time to what time? 8 to 5.

If you don’t have an account there, there is no way in hell you can get your check cashed. So you end up taking either time off work to cash your check (meaning less hours/less productivity if you are worried about that), or you wind up taking it to a check cashing service, which will take monstrous amounts of money out of your check on top of what the government steals from you.

Bend over rizzn, we want your booty. (ahh get away from me you fruit caked freak!)

So what has Rizzn all pissed off?

When I went to Chicago with 1600 bucks, I somehow came back with -318. I found out today how this happenned.

My freakin apartment cashed my $1100 rent check on the 18th while I was there. Freakin assholes.

They held onto my check for almost three freakin weeks. There should be a law against that sort of sh!t.

I mean I didn’t post date my check, I dated on the day rent was due, the 1st.

Freakin cockbiting dicknibbling starfishchowing buttsucking idiot apartment people. They should be kicked in the gonads. And I don’t mean a lovetap either. Someone should pull back, stick a steeltoe on, and bury that fugger so deep they’ll be diggin their balls out with a backhoe.

I’m just a little perterbed, can you tell?


Quote of the Entry: “Your balance is $-318.78. Please have a nice day and remove your card.”
– the ATM downstairs.

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