Dear Diary,

I just want to say WTF and why is things so gosh darn complicated. Cannot people give me straight answers? Do you think tools that I am given to do my job with would be able to last for more that 10 minute intervals?

Incompetance and lack of cigarrettes make Rizzo and angry feller.

Ahg, my fone is ringing again!

and I am broke so I cannot eat. This blows. Goats. Repeatedly. and Swallows! Ack!

Ok, I just read Crackbaby’s speil about this inside joke Kat and Kel have going on.

It’s true. I have a thing for Kelly. And Kat. But everyone knew that right? I mean, I recieved marriage proposals and all that I accepted and stuff. Pretty common knowledge. I mean I don’t promise to marry people I don’t like. The plan was we all move to Utah and well, there you go, we’re legal.

What concerns me the most right now is that I don’t have any cigarrettes and I need one in a bad way. Or food. Or money. Damn apartment people. They should be … oh well, we’ve gone over this already.


Quote of the Entry: “Truthfully, I think even the most homophobic man on the planet, if he were told by a gay man, “sorry…you simply don’t do it for me,” would probably say something like, “GOOD!!!! That’s real good, faggot, ’cause this ass is one way, if you catch my drift!!! And when I say ‘one way’, I’m referring to the manner in which things move out through my ass, rather than in. I Just want to avoid any confusion about that comment because I realize I left out some of the particulars initially.”
– youradhere

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