dear Diary,

Have you ever thought about reality? Not Reality but the concept of reality (but if you’d like to think about Reality, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind).

Free thinkers seem to have the common thread that reality is this tenuous idea that it is some fluid thing that can’t truly be defined. It is this common thread that devolves most philosophical arguments down to semantics.

What is reality?

The quality or state of being actual or true; one, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual; the totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence; that which exists objectively and in fact; that which has necessary existence and not contingent existence.

Reality is based upon fact. Not subjectively on fact. Objectively. That means reality is not up for interpretation. Reality doesn’t change from one person to another. Reality is the same for every person. It isn’t something you can just make up. It is hard; concrete; essentially — you don’t determine what reality is.

But Rizzn, you say, what’s true for me isn’t what is true for Jim Bob, my neighbor!

And I tell you that you are wrong, and let me tell you why.

What you are telling me what is true for you isn’t true for your buddy is in actuality the statement: “What I percieve as truth isn’t what my neighbor/buddy/arch-enemy/dog’s lover perceives as truth.”

So does perception equal reality. I think the obvious answer is no. The definition of reality and the definition of perception of reality are completely different.

So how do you make the distinction?

Well, one can make the judgement of what reality is based upon what he/she observes, but in truth, this is just relying on your sense, making your perception of reality purely subjective. To truly get an accurate perception of reality, one must consult a third party, preferably reliable. If one can do this and verify the perceptions, than one’s perceptions can probably be verified as fact. (see definition of fact for more information on verifying your reality).

All this to say that there is such thing as absolute truth, and there is no way around it. You, me, your dog’s lover … all of us have perceptions of reality. We all have subjective ideas of what reality is.

The truth of the matter is that we are in each and everybody’s own right, either absolutely right or absolutely wrong on each facet of what we percieve as reality.

But out there is the absolute truth. It exists. Otherwise there is no such thing as existance or reality as we know it. If there is no such thing as absolute truth, then everything you know is wrong. Or right. Or actually doesn’t matter. You might as well not know anything if everything you know is useless and void.

But if you admit that you know the correct answer to, say, 1+1, then you know something. Absolute truth dictates that 1+1 in a simple adding equation will always equal 2. Absolute truth.

By the way … if you write me and tell me that the only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth I will only laugh and post your name for public ridicule. Surely any logical mind will see the inherint logical folly in such statements.

Anyway, I’ve got to go to a company pep rally. Don’t ask. It’s dumb.


Quote of the Entry: “And this is the attitude I adopt when I don’t feel like I’ve had enough sleep. Midol? What’s that?”
– kat

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