Dear Diary,

I am guesing that Uncle Bob is having his kid this morning or something. He didn’t update, and he told us what that means.

Yay for Uncle Bob! A Halloween baby!

I’m thinking I want to set up a search engine program for Diaryland. It would be useful. And fun. And a good exercise.

I have a bunch of projects I need to be working on though. We’ll see. I’ll announce it formally if it happens.

We met with our Chicago client again this weekend. He came down from Chicago and had real Texas marguritas with us. And boy were they good.

I downloaded a bunch of really cool skins for winamp. I love high speed connections.

Speaking of which, our DSL is supposed to be installed today. I hope that goes well.

I’m going to go do some work and come back with a meaningful entry. 🙂


Quote of the Entry: “Recently I’ve heard indications that there are OTHER domains like Diaryland out there. Oh no! “

– uberhamster

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