Dear Diary

I update yet again, right before I get kicked out of the office. I am waiting for my ride, and admiring the pretty dallas nighttime skyline.

I read this entry. People. You just can’t make this stuff up — this is why we don’t do e.

I mean I enjoy a good extasy roll as much as the next guy, but people who say that there are no long term effects to habitual eating of e have never met people like ectasyraver.

I need to take a whiz. BRB.

Hrmm. Well. On to topics that people say “I didn’t need to know that” about.

I have been feeling like I need to get with a girl lately. I don’t know why. Right now is a horrible time financially for me to get with a girl. I have all kinds of money sunk into (please people, buy service!) It’s a horrible time resource wise, in that I’m spending tons of time working on work things and getting the businesses going.

Plus, I’m about to be a millionaire. I mean, I’ll have chicks all over me at that point.

Maybe it’s my biology going, hey, you are about to be a millionaire, so why not find a girl who likes you for you now and not for your money.

By the way, that’s no sh!t about being a millionaire. Right now, I’m assured with about 90% degree of accuracy that I’ll be a millionaire between 3 and 18 months.

Which is something I’ve been having weird dreams about.

Talk about weird dreams! Did I tell you about the dream I had that had triangle man in it? I had a dream that triangle man was teaching me to fly. And all my friends were hanging out with me and triangle man. And the we started getting picked on so I flew up about 65 feet, picked up one of the bullies, and dropped him.

He squished.

And then there was this dream that I went back to my 10 year reunion for highschool and I was super successful, and all the girls that never talked to me then were all like, well, this is really sexist, but they all wanted to suck my penis. !!!

I’m not joking … all these snobby girls whose parents were snobby were all like hitting on me, and being crude and saying, “wow, if only I had sucked your dick in high school, I’d be your wife and I’d be even richer!”

Y’see, the highschool i went to had mostly rich people in it. So everyone was high and mighty. My dad made a lot of money but it wasn’t old money, he was new blood to the town so we weren’t ‘in’ — my parents always told me that the snobby kid’s parents behaved just like the kids!

That’s something that blows my mind. My parents may be crazy, but the know how to act in public. They could fit in with rich people and not embarrass themselves. Why would people of my parents age not accept one another?

Just goes to show you that there are no such thing as grown ups in this world, just bigger kids.

That’s the secret of the game, and when you realize that, you can manipulate everything you see!

I’m going to wait outside in the coldness for my ride now… cya


Quote of the Entry: “Chung Chung Chung, Magitek Armor!”
– crackbaby

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