Dear Diary,

Is it just me or are more and more people putting erotica (the nice name for sex stories) in their diaries?

No one in my immediate circle has it in there (no one on my people that beat ass) but as soon as I mention that I’m sure they will.

Well, take that back, reality has, I think. And then ladiebug did it. and there’s this whole diary called mysexlife devoted to it. The day uncle bob, kelly or dread start writing erotica is the day to start looking for the four horsemen.

Hee hee. You know, if I start noticing a growing trend of people writing erotica, you know I’m going to butcher it in an attempt to be funny about it. I seem to be good at writing children’s book style stories (I don’t know, maybe because I feel like a 6’4″ kid most the time), but I think a sex story written in children’s book style would be hilarious, if not bordering on a major no-box check.

I’ve been linking things in my diary like crazy lately. Notice that? I think I’m going to write a program that is going to link every single word on a page of text to something relavant.

Just because I like to waste time.

People could use it and it would be a valuable service.

Yeah. I think of money making (read: time wasting) site ideas all the time!


Quote of the Entry: “SO I finally got a diary yay!The first time I tried going to this site I went to dairyland.”
– starryangel

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