Dear Diary,

I have been sitting on this entry for a while, and I’ll piss people off by saying it, but it’s topical, its what I believe and so there.

I am against abortion.

Principal reason I am against abortion is because I was an unwanted pregnancy.

I had a good life. I had a wonderful childhood, never wanted for anything. Sure my parents had some tight times, especially when I was three, my parents moved from Florida to Tyler to capitalize on the late 20th century oil boom, which failed promptly upon our arrival.

So my parents were screwed for money for several years. Then they bought a house, which got forclosed on due to the guy who sold it to us’s mismanagement of funds.

But I had a good life, and my parents pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made life for themselves and the family.

I was adopted.

My mom had a hysdirectomy when she was young because of reasons I don’t fully understand. But she wanted to have kids really bad and so did my dad, but they were unable. So they adopted my sister and me, both at birth, 2 years apart.

They waited on a list for a year before we were available.

When I hear the term unwanted pregnancy, I laugh, because there is no such thing.

There are adoption centers all around the world, there are Gladney centers where pregnant teens can go and discreetly have themselves taken care of until the child comes to term. If the biological mother doesn’t want the child or cannot care for it, there are hundreds of capable parents literally lined up to take care of the child and provided it a good safe home because they are unable to have children for one reason or another.

But look at me. I plan to make a difference in this world. By the time I die, people will remember my name, and my contributions to society will be invaluable, and people 100 years from now will go “how did we ever get by without that Rizzn guy’s contributions to society.”

I know this to be a fact.

What if I was never born? What if my biological mom was like, umm, no one will know. What if she never heard of adoption processes?

Things would suck for me. And it would suck for the world. Because I am going to make a difference. I am going to be the poster child for adoption. Because I am just that cool. 🙂


Quote of the Entry: “I’m pretty darn upbeat about things.”
-Possible President-Elect George Bush

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