Dear Diary,

Hi diary. I people read my diary, or at least I can infer that people still do. Malk said today that she was going to write a rebuttal to my short statement on abortion, or at least that is what I guess it was about. And then Elyse wrote a little bit saying she at least respected my opinion, which was somewhat gratifying to know I’m not totally out in left field (or I guess that would be right field). At any rate ….

I don’t like pissing people off or enraging them. I like to engage people into discussion. So don’t take it the wrong way Malk. Sorry.

But today I don’t feel serious. I feel silly … could be the result of drinking too much coffee. Could be the result of listening to Celine’s voicemails that she sent me (and thank you for that insightful Pooh and Eyore story).

By the way, if you people want to hear my voice and send me a voicemail, call 1800 222 6000 and go to extension RIZZN444. And you can talk about how hard it is to find the “z” button on a telephone. Darn my name and it’s z’s. By the way, don’t worry about leaving long messages. Just know that it cuts you off after exactly 2 minutes, and also I don’t have a time limit on how many minutes of messages.

I feel special today. I got to drive the Crackmobile today since CBL stayed home today.

I like soup.

I also solved major problems for Nokia today. Yay for ringtones.

And I got speakers for the computer at work.

Yay for speakers.

Yay for yay!


Quote of the Entry: “now it’s whack! and thud. and i’m not sure what to feel like.”
– xoxoxox

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