I read this on LapisLong’s message board:

i do not need my beliefs validated. i KNOW what i believe. i am interested in what other people think, feel, and believe about a lot of things and i am always happy to see a view ~ especially if it differs from mine.

i am by no means an expert. but i cannot believe that God in omnipotent simply because i cannot believe that child molesters run about hurting us all by the grace of God. i believe that God tries as best as possible to teach and love the ones God made and in turn, does not completely control us. i see God’s justice and some of the ways God has done work through us. i have seen some of the times God just couldn’t get through. my experiences make up who i am and have shaped what i believe, i cannot deny this. i am what is locked up in my head, but who is to say we all exist? what if we are just figments of Connie’s imagination? There really is no guarntee of anything.

This response is not a personal slam to the author who wrote it.

To me this mindset is what keeps us back as a society. The mindset that keeps us from accepting what hundreds and thousands of years of people’s wisdom and study has brought them to a consensus about yet we still don’t fully understand.

If you want to call that having faith, then so be it. If you can’t find evidence to back up theories that have had evidence shown in their favor time and time again for the past 2000 years, I imagine that’s your issue.

What I cannot accept, and will not accept from a person is that we are all figments of someone’s imagination or reality is not real! I will not! That is a cop out, an easy out of a philosophical debate, or subject for mediocre science fiction.

There is not guarantee of anything? Bunk, I say. Let me give you some guarantees.

The sun appears in the east and disappears in the west, for most of the people on earth save artic and antartic residents, on a regular basis.

Bullets, when shot from guns, aimed at your head, will make holes in your head.

If you jump from a nine story building and land on pavement and have no means of slowing your descent, the laws of gravity will ensure your death or manglement.

In controlled experiments, if you try the following things 10 times in a row, you will recieve the same results 10 times. 100 times. 1000 times.

Get the point?

There are absolutes. There are truths. There is reality.

Here is where the point is.

If you can’t wrap your mind around the large concepts and accept them as reality start small and work up. If you can’t wrap your mind around the large concept of God as an entity to start with, start with the bullet theory.

If you can’t wrap your mind around the idea that there is in fact such a thing as right and wrong, and they are objectively applied to ALL people, subjectively applied, then start with the laws of gravity.

If you keep tripping yourself up on the idea that “What if reality isn’t real.” junk you are never going to progress or change in your philosphical beliefs.

Perhaps I should rephrase that.

All those people out in California that the rest of the world refers to as fruits, nuts and flakes? You know them? I’ve got ten bucks that says every one of their theories starts with questioning reality, and ends up with the great chicken in the sky who is really inside all of us, our world exists within the great golden egg which was laid by the great chicken in the sky who is really inside all of us.

You don’t see the connection now, but trust me, I’ve seen it happen before. You won’t think it’s such a bad idea when you arrive to it. You might be all about it. And then one day you’ll be 87 years old, and you’ll look back at your life and wonder oh my gosh, how the hell did I come to believe I was a golden egg yolk apprentice acolyte for the great henhouse in the sky?

And then you’ll remember your old buddy Rizzn and think oh man, I shoulda listened to him, he’s not as wacko as I thought he was.

Rizzn, Rooster-in-Chief for the UberHenhouse

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