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Ok. Above is the actual ballot.


I’m sorry. You were confused by this?

Scantrons must have been a b!tch when you were a kid.

Basically my take on this is let it be. Whoever wins wins. Whoopdee doo. Exactly the same number of people as not will be pissed no matter who wins.

So why break the constitution if the outcome is the same.

Revotes are definately unconstitutional. Everyone knows that the outcome will be different if a revote is called. For the very same reason they don’t broadcast the votes on the west coast before the polls close. People are influenced to vote based on things. The results of an election shouldn’t be influenced (and courts have decided they shouldn’t be influenced by) things other than the campaigns themselves. After voting starts, the candidates are not supposed to influence them, the vote is a measure of what the public feels at that time.

Not a week later.

Not a week before.

At. That. Time. Period. Stop.

To continually harp on it and ask for a revote begs for things like this to keep happening:

Monday November 13 8:06 AM ET

American Vote Counting Gives Germans a Laugh

BERLIN (Reuters) – Three American exchange students did little to enhance the credibility of their country’s voting system by failing miserably to count the number of chairs in the auditorium on a German television game show.

In a less-than-subtle dig at the United States’ failure to produce a president-elect after almost a week of recounts, host Thomas Gottschalk Saturday gave the three students an hour to count the seats — and got answers ranging from 1,860 to 2,077.

It may have been only a game show, but there was plenty of gloating Monday.

The mass-circulation daily Bild could not resist reminding readers how Republican candidate George W. Bush (news – web sites) accused his Democratic opponent Al Gore (news – web sites) of using “fuzzy math” in his campaign assertions.

The daily Die Welt simply added: “Americans can’t count.”

“Wetten dass?” (Wanna Bet?) is Germany’s most popular program and regularly draws audience shares above 40 percent.

Really folks, we would have no problems if we still did it like we did in the olden days, where the guy who came in second was VP.

Course we might still have duels like Allen Burr and Andrew Jackson over the VP slot. But who couldn’t use a little more bloodshed in politics, right?

Seriously, think about it!


Quote of the Entry: “Americans can’t count.”
– Die Welt

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