AS responsible citizens, it is up to everyone who votes to makes hure that he / she understands all the races, propositions / initiatives, and how to do it. If looking you are looking at a ballot, and it appears confusing or questionable, it is up to that person to make sure they understand it BEFORE punching the hole, making the mark, or turning the lever. It just makes common sense. They did not take their responsibility seriously.

At this point I could care less who becomes President. I lean towards wanting Bush, but with House and the Senate split so closely down the middle acting as a safety net Gore could take the White and I’d be fine with it. None of the programs, legislation, or Supreme court nominees that come up over the next 4 years that are to extreme either way are ever going to pass the moderates. Its totaly up too them now as to which way we want the country to go, and I’m sure everyone will be OK with what is done.

The Constitution is in question and I can only hope that people see the enlightened wisdom and granduer of it and the Bill of Rights. And leave it alone. Regardless of what is happening in the presidential race, the constitution has provided the safety net again and the country will continue as always.