Dear Diary,

The story of the Pig With Turban, Fred, and Joey
by Rizzn, age: 21

Once there was this kid who had a doggie. The doggie’s name was Fred and the kid’s name was Joey.

Joey and fred liked to go play in the dirt pile that was behind the kinko’s copy place next to their apartment complex. They lived on their own. The kid was really smart. This was because one day the kid was on this planet all by himself.

He was playing in a dirt pile in a desert and he found this brass lamp. He rubbed it (because that’s what you do with brass lamps that you find in the desert!) and a giant pig with a turban came out. The pig had blue skin and talked like Robin Williams.

He said hey there Joey!

Joey’s like, hey there blue thing! Where’s my wishes!

Wishes? I don’t give you wishes, I’m a pig with a turban! I give you bacon in any form you want it, but no wishes.

So the kid asked for a brass lamp with a genie that gave out wishes that was made of bacon.

And Pig with Turban said, aha! I like the way you think! WE can work together. And poof! there it was.

They asked the bacon genie for a real genie. The bacon Genie was like, what, I’m not good enough? I can still give three wishes. So they asked for shovels, and the PIg with a Turban asked for some slop to eat, and with their last wish they asked for a real Genie.

The kid, he asked for a world of technology and people to run it, so he won’t have to make the whole world go round by himself (that was his previous job). The Pig with Turban asked for farmers to be in the world so he could have some pig friends.

Together, they couldn’t think of anything else they wanted because they had already got their other wishes from the Bacon Genie.

So the boy asked for a dog named Fred.

And that is the story of a boy name Joey and his dog named Fred. TheEnd.


Quote of the Entry: “self-absorption in a macrocosmic framework. i try to be the contributing citizen, the helpful neighbor, the empathetic ear, but i’m constantly consumed with thoughts, improvements, feelings of myself, within myself. me. Me. ME. mE. me. in that order.”
– ladiebug

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