Dear Diary,

Yeah, well, it was time to update my diary. And it’s look. I got back online, but once again, all the content is gone. What is it with me and losing domain content. Everyone in this universe seems hell bent on me losing my domain content on my various web sites.

Well, my home page is now going to be I gave the domain to my roommate so he could keep it up a little better than I.

I was thinking I would let my closest d*land friends and then after they get a shot, some other cool d*land people if they want get some webspace on it. I think it’s like 10 megs I have it set to right now, but if you need more for something, you can probably have it. But if you want a directory on the oh-so-cool you can have it. 🙂

Oh by the way, Florida sucks. And this is coming from a native Floridian. So you can take my word on it.

So tell me my new look is cool. I need the re-assurance. heh


Quote of the Entry: “Memories of highschool are mostly amusing, except for the ones where I was bitter at everyone within the school and would have preffered them dead if I had to prefer them in any form of existence…. Which tended to be all the time, but at least this game brings back good memories”
– crackbaby

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