Dear Diary,

I write to you at the request of Kat. Hi!

We’ve been working on our webpages at the Whazzup Compound as we now call it.

Ok, only I call it that.

But check it out. Last link on the main page. Lots of crack headed graphics to be had by all.

And in other news, I have been listening to my own homebrew soundtrack to Star Controll II. I like it muchly. It calms and isolates me.

I’m making many new friends lately. I have been talking on chat programs like I just discovered the internet. Which is cool since I don’t go out much anymore. But I like talking to: Kat, Celine, and Ladiebug. They are cool. Also Snobunny and Kel when they come online.

Once there was this kewt leedle butterfly who flew from one end of a daisy field to the other… mainly because she considered the daisy the most beautiful flower.

One day the kewt butterfly ordered some pizza pizza from little ceasar the fifth. She promptly ate it and discovered that she forgot to iron her pants! What a tragedy. They were covered with and filled with her honey!

So she put the honey in a cup and …


Quote of the Entry: “it’s like a tuesday or friday night and you’re having sex and not paying that much attention to it and them something happens from there and it’s done, you breakup or something.”
– reality

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