Dear Diary,

This is an excerpt from a Reuters news article:\

During the arguments, the justices did not say how they would rule in Bush’s appeal aimed at taking away hundreds of hand-counted votes that could help Gore win. The justices by their questions appeared closely divided on the issues.

Don’t try to tell me that media isn’t biased.

That should have read:

During the arguments, the justices did not render a decision on Bush’s appeal to take the standard vote count as opposed to Gore’s mandated hand recounts, as to interrupt the arguments and render a decision so would be deviation from 200 years of supreme court practices.

Basically, that paragraph was thrown in to get a dig on Bush, from what I can tell.

Stupid media stupids.

Not like I really care about Bush or anything, but I hate it when idiots who work in the press use the platform they have to report to turn it into their own soapbox. It’s not what they are hired to do… they have editorialists for that crap. Not what you are supposed to do with a front page article.


I’m just pissed because I’m sick as a dog, my car got towed yesterday, and i had to pay 500 bucks to get my cel fone turned on.


Quote of the Entry: “Anyway, sorry about that, regular readers, I had to rebut.”
– reality

[ed: heh .. rebut.]

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