Dear Diary,

Sorry that I’ve been MIA the last few days. I bought a game called Shen Mue (shen moo) and it has taken up my life just like the commercial says. However I finished it and my life can now proceed like normal.

It basically is like playing an episodic story/cartoon/movie or something — miniseries I guess — about this boy who is essentially a Samurai. This is who I want to be. Ryo Huruki.

So in my first step to be a samurai, I bought a shirt with my *other* favorite samurai on it, Rouroni Ken-shin.

At any rate, the story follows his day to day life from November 23, 1986 to January 8, 1987 (it could possibly be later, that’s just how many days of game time it took for me to finish)… At any rate, it follows this boy’s life after his father is killed in a Chinese gang related killing. His dad was killed by a Chinese gang leader named Lan Di in a karate battle.

Ryo was there to witness it and vowed vengence for his father against Lan Di.

If you own a Dreamcast you need to get this game, I’m not kidding.

Buy a Dreamcast if you don’t have one. Just for this game.

Anyway, the story had all it’s little twists and turns and Ryo starts growing into this little badass. Plus he has this little romantic interest on the side, it’s all very touching. Tug on the heartstrings and still kick the bad guy’s butts type game. Typical quality RPG material.

The level of detail is what really seals the deal on this game. If it were just the story that was badass, it might be somewhat easier to put the game down at the end of the day, but what has kept me up till 4 am every night playing the game is the fact that I really feel like I become this guy, y’know. You see everything he does, you train your skills, you wake up in the morning, you feed the kitten (you raise a kitty in the game as well).

Good stuff.

And best of all it’s only the first of 6 chapters. They are coming out with more soon.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been doing. Now that I’ve finished the game, I’m going to check out the bonus CD then I’m probably going back to work on in my spare time.

Which reminds me, I have two new features on the site. One is TXDiarylanders, which kindof makes fun of Diaryland and TXRavers in a lighthearted non insulting way, two things I belong to on the internet. Also it’s a place for people who live in Texas to identify themselves so we know where each other is and stuff.

Also I have this message board thing I’m not sure what I’m going to do with yet.

Post some ideas on it. Or something. An. Stuff.

I wanna be a big star. I wanna have groupies. I think that would be fun, for a while at least.

I think me email account at work got deleted. I seem to be unable to get mail from any location anymore. Hrmm.

Send me mail. I promise today I’ll respond to the mail I have. If you promise to send me more. Send it to my shoutmail account since I seem to be unable to set up a working email server for whazzup. (sorry). I’m still working on it.

Hey me amigos. You need to have an account on whazzup to be cool. So send me an email and I’ll get you an account on it.


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