Dear Diary,

Crazy night at the company party. You know the things that movies are made of? You know, the ones that your mom watch about husbands that cheat on wives. At say company Christmas parties?

Hehe, our boss and the Russian chick at work.

Yep we spied them getting it on in the car next to us. Of course we were smoking out at the time. Heheh.

Our fun of course started at lunch time, when we went out to get adult beverages and burgers.

We then smoked out on the way to the company meeting. I then drank during the meeting. Then I proceeded to drink after the company meeting, during the actual party. And then we drove to the office, smoking out. Then we sat and watched our boss and the russian chick get it on. Then I came to sit down here and type it out.

At the company meeting, our president was high, and our vp was drunk. Have you ever met a drunk Pakistani? It’s a fscking riot. (not as much funny about a stoned jew, our president, but a drunk pakistani vp is funny – no offense, just personal opinion).

Our team lead got real serious on us for a minute talking about our bitching that we recieved earlier last week. Sort of an “I love you man, no man, really I love you man,” wayne and garth type moment.

Our German project manager guy scared us by talking about killing little children on planes and then smiling about it.

There probably some other scary moments of the night that I don’t currently remember just because the night seemed a bit hazy. And I think that’s what everyone there I can think of is hopiing for. Hazy memories tomorrow. Cuz it’s only Monday, and we gotta go to work tomorrow!


Quote of the Entry: “say it maaannnngggooooo”

– Dread

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