Dear Diary,

Today was a sh!tty day.

We went out for lunch, Buzzkill Will, Crackbaby, Ferrill and I. (that’s will’s new name now, btw)

We all smoked out. Probably for the last time. BKW decided he was going to bitch about not getting high on his J, and then he proceded to bitch about how he’s mr. big man and doesn’t want to get in trouble by smoking at work or talking at work.

So the rest of the day we spent in complete silence. I have to office with this fscker. I thought he was cool and all. I guess not.

Gahh, this stupid house mix is crap in my ears. Must change now.

Ahh better, Neil Diamond. Cracklin rose, you do make me smile.

You got the way to make me happy. Cracklin rose your a store bought woman, but you make me hum like a guitar strummin. Play it now bayyy beee!

Well, anyways, other than that and everyone suddenly wanting to quit at work, nothing big happenned today.

I’m still happy with my $9000 raise and $2100 bonus. Life is good in that respect.

Yes. I’m boasting.

I’m out.


Quote of the Entry: “My day at work, unfortunately, was not all it was cracked up to be from the start, and it wasn’t given any hype. “
– crackbaby

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