Dear Diary,

Well, I updated the TXDiarylander’s page. In case you weren’t aware, I made a little site on my new domain that is for people in TX on Diaryland to congregate (hence the name). It has a little message board feature on it now so we can talk to each other in a manner other than say email or something. It allows HTML, so you are able to fugg it up pretty badly if you want, as well.

What did I do this weekend. Well besides get pissed off at both the Sims and Red Alert 2, and work on my scripts, not much.

I ordered some pizza just now. I’m fairly hungry and could use nourishment.

I eat now. I talk here later. Bubye!


Quote of the Entry: “I’m sure everyone will be making fun of me on Monday. Hooo-ray. I kept asking Tim if I made an ass out of myself. He said I wasn’t tooooo bad.
Course he was just happy because he got a blow job on the way home.”
– reality

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