Dear Diary,

What’s new? Me and this Chinese lady are the only people at work today I think. Crackbaby didn’t come, he got sick.

What have I done lately? Not update, that’s for sure. Heheh, sorry. Lack of motivation to do … anything … way too apparent lately. They say that’s a sign of depression, but I don’t think I’m depressed. I don’t think I’m really much of anything besides apathetic or something.

I went and registered in honor of our dear team leader Holger Greif (sounds like grife not greef – however, the prior would be more appropriate than the former).

hours later …

That was a good nap. I’ve really got to start watching my naptimes more carefully. People are starting to notice. Dangit.

It would be neat if I could start getting more sleep at night. What a concept. I feel like I’ve been walking around like a zombie, lately.

In other news, I got a car Tuesday, and it looks really pimp for what it is .. it’s a 1990 Buick LeSabre, in pristine condition.

I was just told by the president (of our company), even though he and I are the only people here, I need to stay until 3:00 because a very important client is coming over and he at least wants to show some staff. Maybe this will be a chance for me to kiss up and look important. Perhaps I shouldn’t nap for a while.

:: song in my head : cracklin’ rose (you make me smile) by neil diamond ::

several more hours later

Just got back from Whopper Land. I have been chatting with Skunk_Girl, who has pretty much moved on to a pitas journal instead of a d*land diary. That OK, just go and abandon us.

OH well.

Well, after my naps, my lunch, and my smoke… I have all this energy, and nothing to do with it. Maybe I should go bother someone else and prevent them from looking busy.

Audi 5000


Quote of the Entry: “Now let me preface the rest of this with a little rant since everyone seems to be in the rant mode as of late i wont bore you with how special my rants are or how fierce i am in aspect when i recite them. lets just say that Tiamat himself would be ready to give me a little sucky sucky if he saw my face during one of these little moments.”
– dread

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