Dear Diary,

I just found an interesting rumor on the net today that makes me smile!

Neil Diamond may be putting out some new music! He’s supposed to be on the soundtrack for Saving Silverman. So if anyone wants to get that for my birthday (January 9), it should be out then.

I also read that the former bandmember for Neil Diamond, Randy Cierly-Sterling has his own web page now: go to it here and read about his rough life. He’s paralyzed from the waste down now and it’s a sad sad state of affairs.

I’m dehydrated this morning from a hard night of drinking two maguritas last night, and am in search of some beverages this morning and not finding any. So sad.

Actually I’m just killing time till my mobile fone charges up and then I’m going to hit the road and get some errands done. I can do this now, because I have a car, and am no longer bound to the whims of others!!! it rulez.

Oh, and also I just found out about Neil Diamond: Columbia Records just renewed his contract up until 2010. He’s signed on until he dies, I would imagine!

I think I am going to get my mom a Neil Diamond CD for Christmas just because she is the only person in the WORLD who likes him more than I. Awesome. I love early morning musings.

I’m going to go see my adopted niece tonight. I haven’t seen her since she was 18 months old and now she’s 6 years old. She doesn’t even remember me. That’s a crazy thought, but hey, it should prove interesting.

Christmas time is a fun time. I don’t care what anyone else says. Things happen at this time of year that never happen any other time. It is at least cool for that reason alone.

I’m rambling. I’ll sign off now..


Quote of the Entry: “Hmm..what else of non-relevance can I think to include in this hodgepodge entry?”
– kelly

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