Dear Diary,

Blah blah blah.

Three simple words can sum up the day up until now. How can so much ice evaporate in so little time. I’m really unhappy about the whole deal. I’ve finally caught everyone else’s in the apartment’s sinus infection just as I was about to get over my cold, but because of my weakened immune system currently because of said cold, I caught it, so now I am a veritable snot fountain.


And then CBL comes up and slaps me on the back of the head for not asking him to go down with him on a smoke. ouch.

So now my brain hurts. How’s that for a condition?

Last night I went and played in the chuck-e-cheese playtown equiptment, you know, the colorful tubes and slides and pools of balls. (That sounds really sick when you take it out of context, I’m sure. Pools of balls).

But I have adorned my office a bit more. I now have a Kenshin calendar in Japanese, and a Vash the Stampede action figure on my desk. I now have identified myself as the anime guy in the office to anyone who knows these characters.

Which is Crackbaby. and me. Gosh our office is so lame.

I have been feeling especially drained of energy lately. I need to kick this cold, but I think it’s getting better now. I hope it hasn’t mutated into something incurable. I want to be famous, sure, but not for being a breeding ground for disease.

Rizzn, the walking plague. heh.

They decided to make me put forth a nominal effort today. It seems I’m HTML bitch today. I get to layout pages.

This is the sort of thing that made me quit my last webmastering job.

I saw an offer on monster that was for like $75,000 bucks to do WML. WML, for those who don’t know, is Wireless Markup Language. It’s the crap that comes up on your fone when you surf the web unless you have a baddass Nokia 9000 like me.

It’s the easiest markup language there is. The manual is like 3 pages long. Ridiculous.

I might take the job, but I really don’t want to be bored out of my skull.

Or I might take this job being a VB programmer for 100k a year.

Challenge my brain a bit and double my salary.

Someone was talkign about developing for Sun here in the metroplex up at work, doing VB for Sun work for $100k+.

I might do that.

All I know is that my salary, however nice it may be, is apparently cutting my worth in half. Grr..

Maybe I should just stick it out and clean up my appearance and go into management. I could do that. All you have to do is act stupid all the time.

I swear if I read another Dilbert cartoon, I’ll hurt someone. Too much representation of real life. But maybe I’m looking for an excuse to hurt someone.

Rizzn is in a pissy mood, can you tell?


Quote of the Entry: “Don’t take no crap from nobody.”
– Norm MacDonald’s dad in Dirty Work

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