Dear Diary,

I think to get the proper amount of sleep from now on I need to start going to bed around 7 pm and wake up at 8am. I dunno. I’m sleepy all the time.


I was in a pisser of a mood this morning. My mom had sent me this stupid Dilbert cartoon making fun of me, and then I was all tired and pissed off at the world and I was all congested.

Then crackbaby gave me some decongestant.

And assured me that I could get some maguritas after work, no problem.

And suddenly (after a power nap), the day seemed all better!

So rest assured, I’m not going to turn into one of those whiney goth diary writing beeatches that you get tired of reading. I’m just going thru some changes right now and I need you all to be real understanding and …. heheh.. just kidding. I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

We are thinking about making one of roommates a bitch and becoming peeumps. Okay, well, it’s phitt. It’d be funny, he already has the being effeminate part down, I guess. Just needs the equiptment.

Earning a Rock-Tha-Fsck-On from Crackbaby, I’m now quitting while I’m ahead.


Quote of the Entry: “I guess being Louis has it’s benefits. “
– crackbaby

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