Dear Diary,

What a wonderful day today. I’m not going to have to do a damn thing today. Bonus.

Our network is completely down. I say completely down because that’s what everyone else is saying, however, I somehow have access to you.

(BTW, reality, sorry, no net access today thru the messengers — maybe later on)

At any rate, the promotion I was looking forward to here doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Or it is going to be delayed. Anyways, it’s not going to happen in time for me to pay off bills. Which sucks beyond measure. I could be wrong about all that, but it looks less hopeful than it did yesterday, according to the fellows in that department.

Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to live by a budget. I wish I had bought cigarrettes today. I’m going to have to bum off of everyone today and everyone here smokes girly cigarettes. I like Camel Filters.

Well, yesterday’s last entry, I did into a full report because I was so bored, and I sent it to the local Kludge here that likes to talk bad about how things are run here. Which is good for me. I get to show someone what I worked on, thereby achieving the satisfaction of knowing I did something someone else would read, as well as avoiding the issue of actually solving the problem, achieving my ultimate goal in life, to be a slacker.

I think I’m going to go bum some girly cigs now.

I’ll update l8r I guess.

Quote of the Entry: “Imbeciles. Speaking of which, Andrew, you fucking cro-mag. What the hell are you doing with a knife on the teflon pan? Teflon is a carcinogen, you asswipe. Use the plastic fucking spatula.” – lxpatterson

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