Dear Diary,

I don’t think I’ve done an update from this computer in a while because the last person who shows being logged in was Sam.

As a sidenote, sorry for being anti-social when you and Amy came over the other day. The people in the apartment were having a geek weekend playing Star Trek Elite Forces all weekend. You must forgive us for being true geeks. We must be true to ourselves.

At any rate, yeah, that’s what I did this weekend. My weekend started Thursday night, because as many of you know, I am unemployed (but not for long). On Thursday night, Dirty, Slippy, foo and I went to about 6 or 7 clubs in one night. Slippy and Dirty got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely fscked up. I was pleasingly toasty as was foo I imagine. They went back to the casa de foo and did a little bit of K which they don’t even remember. I abstained and fell asleep.

I tried to mack on some chicks but they were under 21 and wouldn’t accept bought drinks from the bar. Apparently didn’t know what was good for them. (answer, Rizzn is good for them!)

(Magical Pimping Powers of Rizzn (TM) (Patent Pending))

I have realized that macking on chicks at bars is a little like fishing. Sometimes you catch a nice big fish and get to brag about it to all your fishing buddies. Sometimes they get away. Like tonight (more on that later). Sometimes you just tell stories about how you are such a great fisher. Sometimes you throw them back. That doesn’t happen very often, and I think that is where the analogie breaks down.

Friday night, I went out and got a few drinks with foo at the Mariana’s, which is where I go to get toasty on Maguritas. Oh, how I love the Magurita sauce.

Then I went home and played ALL THE WAY THRU Star Trek Hazard Team. Which is a very fun game and took me 18 hours of work.

Saturday night I stayed at the house like a hermit.

Sunday night I went to the home bar with foo, phitt, and met moses and some other people there. It was fun. I didn’t do the macking thing, decided to give it a rest since it was the seventh day, and pimping ain’t always easy, thereby qualifying it as work and probably not a very Christian thing to do on Sunday.

The main reason I didn’t do the pimping thing is I was drunker than a skunk. Foo and I were in a drinking contest of sorts and were buying each other rounds at the bar until we were gone from our gourds.

I was still a little drunk this morning. So I didn’t call my favorite technical recruiter Kourtney (who spells her name with a K not a C, and I think likes me a little bit in that way that a technical recruiter and a technical recruit usually don’t) on principals of good judgement. I cleaned my room and we had our carpets steamed by some stoner.

I hung out and continued to act like a hermit. I wanted to give Doris a call up in KC (you remember me talking about her — she’s the chick I went down to Austin with, her and Isobel Kitten, and tatt2gyrl — pretty cool girl and someone I’d like to get to know more but unfortunately lives in Kansas City) but when I called the lady who I guess was the operator said she was at some appointment. I will call her again tomorrow, because I hear there’s a chance she may come down to visit this weekend.

Also, I arranged it so that me and Sunny are going out on a ‘date’ this Wednesday — 2step nite at the homebar. She’s really cool and I think likes me a little bit. She seemed really talkative to me tonite on AIM (I extracted her AIM name from the Girl across the STreet who was also on AIM tonite).

Note to self: need to call R. to set up another date this week as well.

Pimping ain’t easy. I guess.


Quote of the Entry: “What if God was one of us? Just a stranger on the bus…” He’d have a really big black cock.Damn that’s messed up.”- dirty-a-sid

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