Dear Diary,

I’m just loving this unemployment stint I’m having this week. It’s really too bad that it is scheduled to end on Monday. I’m sure by the time I’ve used up that paycheck I should be picking up tomorrow that I will be glad I’m working again.

Ohwell. I’m sure it’s all for the best because Lord knows it woulda never occurred to me to actually take a vacation nor would it have occurred to any project manager to let me.
I had to talk to someone from work today to gloat about my new position I’m going to be getting. He’s been trying to advance within the company for so long to be a project manager and here I am going to be one hopefully in a few days.

I know at least someone in the audience who will appreciate the Buzzkill Will quote he gave me today: “Looks like you will be pissing with the big dogs now!”

I was reading Mangledoll’s entry for today (who unfortunately I didn’t get to have coffee with as I earlier planned — message me with your phone number girl so I can actually call you to arrange these things instead of waiting for you to come online). Her entry got me to thinking about my personal stance on group activism.

I’m probably the anti-hippie. I can’t really stand the hippie culture, I’m kinda angered at that generation of folk who pretty much screwed our society up as much as they did. I know that previous statement will catch me a lot of flak from you people who like the hippie stuff, but it’s just my take on the world. Boomers are probably the single most liberal bleeding heart generation of folks to come along since … ever. They set the trend for government in all forms to invade our lives.

It used to be that the old liberals were against government invasion of privacy. Hence the term libertarians.

But since the 60’s the term liberal refers to people who want the government to take care of all us little people like we can’t hold our weenies without government aide.

In other words, liberal has become a politically correct term for socialist.

And as the boomer generation got older, they took two forms, democrat and republican.

So now the two controlling, supposedly opposing points of view are now considered two sides of the same coin and we as a nation are doommed to big brother and mediocraty.

So at this point it is every man and woman for him or her self in my opinion. The end of personal freedom is near, if you want anything at all you better be at the top of the foodchain, because without power or money, you have no pull, and without pull you have no freedom or privacy.
In a completely different vein of thought, apparently I’m about to die. And in a completely completely different vein of thought, I have just uploaded a new song which I think you will like. It’s going to be on the new CD that Count Bradley and I are putting out. (we just came up with a name for it as well, the name of the cd will be Smoke of Zephyrus. Our group name is going to be ninjaco, and I’m sure we’ll be posting information about it either on whazzup or on once we get that functional. But back to the song I just uploaded — click here to get it. Also, leave me some rizzn love on the review section of that link so I know you people like my music.

Or leave me some rizznhate if that is the case. Just some feedback people, that’s all I ask!


Quote of the Entry: “Please remember to give Riz all the warmth and encouragement you can throughout these trying times.”- dirty-a-sid

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