Dear Diary…

I had a good day.

Since my last entry I’ve been to 6 or 7 clubs, had about a million shots, and watched two buddies ingest a bunch of xanex. We carted them back to the house of foo.

They is passed out now. I think the previous plans of Denny’s are out of the question at this point.

I was going to ask a couple chicks I saw tonite if I could get them drinks but all the chicks I singled out were under 21. Rotten luck.

I still had fun and discovered that raisen oatmeal cookies is a good shot to get from the bar. Next time you go out ask for it. And think of me being drunk and actually flailing about the dance floor. And then you will most likely laugh hysterically or perhaps cringe in rememberance of this crazy assed night.

Bis Spater mein Freunds…


Quote of the Entry: “String cheese rules, as do monkeys and stuff.” – uzume

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