Dear Diary,

I went out on that date with the chick who gave me her number at the party at the chick across the street’s house. Not the girl who took me to the club but the girl who I talked to all nite.

She’s pretty cool, and stuff. And we still had things left over to talk about when the night was over, but she seems to be the type who can’t stand the akward silences, which is something that doesn’t bother me. I like time to think and analyze to myself because if you aren’t silent sometimes, you aren’t learning.

I also hung out with Sam today, which is cool. We went out to the cafe brasil, and we saw carolanne and amy as well while we were out. I think I’ve consumed more caffeine today then I’ve consumed in days and days.

I also updated my diary layout a little bit to include all the new folks in me life that are online with dland. I’m not sure how I feel about that becaus3e of the whole idea of having a diary is that you put thoughts in it that other people don’t normally see. But then I figure, I’ve known most of these people long enough that anything that I say probably won’t affect our friendships any so they can just deal with anything they don’t like.

Or tell me about it. Whatever.

Anyways, I got to pay foo back tonite by getting him as drunk as he got me last night at the village.

So latahz.


Quote of the Entry: “Anyway, 17 people liking me makes me giggle.”- tenderpoison

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