Dear Diary,

Hey Diary, what’s happening.

I’m fscking tired from staying up all night last night and taking intermittent naps all day. I feel kinda loopy which is odd since I’m not on anything. Natural high. Whatever.

Why was I up all night last night? Because I was working on this song: Dido’s Thank You.

I urge you all to go download this song because I think it’s the best thing I’ve done yet. Which isn’t saying much but hey, everyone has given it rave reveiews so far.

So I’m sitting here waiting for a chick to call me and some people to get back to the apartment so I can have fun tonite. Will it happen? Will it fall thru? I don’t know! That’s the magical interestingness of my life!

Apparently due to me, everyone at WIT is going to get fired. I can say this, I sure have mixed emotions about this. The people who are true fscks up there are going to be duely punished, and I think the sh!t that’s going wrong up there is being discovered, but on the other hand, Crackbaby stands to lose his job due to this.

Otherwise I’d be grinning ear to ear about that. Single-handedly taking down an 11 million dollar a year company, that’s quite an accomplishment.

What’s the offense? In some javascripts on the last project I worked on, I had variable names like HulkHogan, JakeTheSnake, rubberdonkey, yix, and yax.

Apparently during the code review, Finland had a sh!t fit, told the IT director at Nokia that they were going to fire him and the whole WIT team if they weren’t changed by Monday.

So CBL is stuck doing all the changes on it.

He’s not really happy about this if you can imagine.

I’m tired. I’m going to go rest on the couch until someone comes here.


Quote of the Entry: “2 hours later I return to this. And I have no idea what I was writing about. Um. Yeah. Weird.”- crackbaby

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