Dear Diary,

It’s 2:03am and NO ONE IS UP IN MY APARTMENT! What the fsck is up wid dat?

I just got back from dropping foo off at his apartment after seeing Mike D (of the Beastie Boys) spin down at the Lizard Lounge.

I met this chick there, well, I wouldn’t say I met this chick, more like I saw this chick that I absolutely wanted in a bad bad way as soon as I saw her. This blonde haired 6’3 or 6’4″ (essentially as tall as I am) chick … Holy snot.

But alas she said she had a boyfriend she was there with when I wanted to buy her a drink.
Oh well, I’ve got plenty of chicks to date and I’m sure if she breaks up with her current boyfriend she’ll give me a call right away. I know she dug me. Who wouldn’t, right?

(Just let the Rizzn ramble, he’s got a big head — heh heh heh)

It’s official. I think just about every single human being I know with a computer is on diaryland now. Another one of our friends just joined. I’d link her but she’s not sure she wants the rest of the world to know about it yet.

Dangit. I’m becoming the socialite and I wanna go out and do something. What am I becoming, this non-geek thing? Quick! Where’s a video game?


Quote of the Entry: “I am a hottie and I am cool as fuck. Why can’t I find a man? – tatt2gyrl

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