Dear Diary,

I am over at the casa de dread right now chillin with princess sake on my lap.

And before you people start in with me, no I do not have another girlfriend, it is the cat of bliss and dread.

I chilled last nite with my homies for a bit, played some away team, and dirty and tatt2gyrl chilled at my apartement smoking bowls of stupid.

And then I went over the chick across the street’s house and chilled with her and her homies. The redheaded chick was there, as was this girl Michelle, Renee’s best friend.

Michelle is also a roommate to the girl across the street. She is moving to Venuzuela in a few weeks, and she reminds me of Uma Thurman. She’s the skinny type and when she smiles, she reminds me of the poster of Uma I have in my room smiling.

But she has a boyfriend with whom she is moving to Venuzuela with. He currently lives in California, if my memory serves.

Dread says that he is soo much better than me at 1st person shooters. It’s a fact. He’s just that cool.

What else.

Oh yeah, the girl across the street says that I’m unanimously voted in as their next roommate, when Michelle moves to Venuzuela. I’m unsure as to what to think of this. Really. I mean I’m not really considering moving in with a chick I’ve known for two months, I’ve learned my lesssons in that department, much less leaving my current roommates high and dry. On top of that I like my current apartment much better than hers.

But it might be a young man like mine’s fantasy. Hanging out in an apartment with a chick I met on the internet that sees me as a ‘cool guy’, her best friend who has a crush on me, another friend of the crew who also wants me, and their whole host of other friends who are chicks who undoubtably want me in a bad bad way. And none of them seem to care that others in the crue are pursuing me. Maybe they are all trying to compete to get me.

It’s nice to be wanted. By hot chicks. 🙂

/rizzn “pimpasaurus” do’urden

Quote of the Entry: “, i woke up this morning thinking. “hey! i should update my diary today. i should talk about wheat thins”. but i am not sure why i was thinking this, or what i would write about wheat thins. okay! that’s a lie.” – celinha

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