Dear Diary,

I switched my format again. Don’t ask me why. I guess it needed to be done since is officially dead. Sorry. I don’t have the capital to keep it up. It’s only fitting.

My life has really come crashing down here in the last week or so. Let’s run down the list of events.

I don’t have a job. This much we know. I have no new real job offers on the plate worth mentioning up to today, in which I got one new one.

Whazzup is officially gone. Which mean our LLC’s credit rating is probably completely ruined. We’ll probably have to file bankruptcy on it sometime soon. There goes about 5000 bucks down the drain. That’s just my money. Not to mention all the money everyone else has invested in that company.

Our investment money from overseas that I have been banking my hopes and dreams on for the last four or five months officially fell through this week.

Details: I get a call from the bank vice president saying my account is under investigation or some crap because a suspicious transfer was attempted. 7.5million dollars. They blocked it of course. Even though that’s what I told them the account was for. I hate banks.

So then I couldn’t pay rent because of that. Then they accuse me of fraud and money laundering.

The reality of not having a job hit me this week. Other roommates announced their intention to leave. We get a late notice on our payment of rent. Basically my life sucks.

I hate being depressed. I wasn’t depressed previous to this week. But now I just want to jump off a tall building. I sleep more and more everyday to avoid being awake. Being awake reminds me of my situation and my dashed dreams.

What’s the most money you’ve ever lost in one day? How about over the course of your entire life? I bet it doesn’t equal one tenth of what I lost on wednesday. I lost 7.5 million dollars.

Anyways. I’m just bringing everyone down. I’ll sign off now. Just wanted to update since it’s been a while and everyone has been bugging me to do so. I just so much hate putting in morbid entries. Laugh and the world laughs with you but everyone hates a whiner.


Quote of the Entry: “Jorge has a thing for Cynthia!”- crackbaby (it’s an inside thing, you’d have to be there)

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