Dear Diary,

I just got back from a Paul Oakenfold concert/show/rave thingy. It wasn’t as good as previously advertised because mainly it was at the Bronco Bowl which now is in my opinion a really poor venue. However I did have a reasonable amount of fun there. I didn’t exercise the Amazing Magical Pimping Powers of Rizzn (TM) (Patent Pending) for a number of reasons, primary among these a) every kandy raver cutie there had a kandy raver boiee with her, and b) I’m saving up all my magical pimping powers for the party with the girls tomorrow night.

Q: What kind of shoes does Scooby Doo wear?
A: Scooby Shoes!

We are currently working on our screenplay for M & M’s the movie.

So the party with the girls is tomorrow night. I hung out with them last night and got the girl across the street’s best friend drunk.

There is a real fine line between getting a girl drunk enough to want to fool around and getting a girl took drunk to stay awake. I have yet to have found this line.

She passed out the second we got back to her apartment last night. Bummer.

Good times, good times.


Quote of the Entry: “Whatchoo talkin bout, satan.” – Gary Coleman

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