Dear Diary,

I write this entry like so many others, under a shotgun because one of the people who knows where I sleep is forcing me into it.

Anyways. I had fun at the party. Except when the girl across the streets current thing decided to set up the girl across the street’s best friend with some friend of his. That was a downer. I don’t know that she was digging him a bunch but whatever. Bottom line is I didn’t go home with her or have any major leads on chicks. I think I left my magical pimping decoder ring in my bathroom or something.

Oh wait! I know what it was, I didn’t wear my pimp jacket. Damnit.

Anyways, I’m exceedingly bored right now. I guess I’ll try to make some music.


Quote of the Entry: “But I didn’t do it! It was my toys! They came alive and they got water on the floor all by themselves! I didn’t do it! Don’t punish me! I want a story! WAAAAAAH!”- naomi

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