Dear Diary,

Hi how have you been. I’ve been … unemployed.

Things right now are not the best they’ve ever been. However I have a few things that look up in my life that I can now point to as sources of happiness.

For one, our brother dirty is back. It was a long arduous trip that was long and arduous to say the least to get him, but I’m glad we did it. For another, during my stint of unemployment I have been able to eat smoke and pay rent somehow. For another, we have internet access back. Which is good.

I am still breathing, which I guess is another. Ack.. I don’t really want my welcome back entry to be a bitch session. I’ve been re-reading everyone else’s old entries over the time I’ve been offline and that seems to be what theirs are like, somewhat. (ever the one to go against the grain, that is I).

The update on my life? Hrmm.. well for the past 35 days or so I haven’t updated, I’ve been turned down for more jobs then I’ve ever applied for in my life for some unknown reason. I’ve been down to my last dollar for the last 2 months just about (which is probably nothing new for me, it just seems worse when you don’t have a job).

I’ve made a lot of music, because it fills the void and the time. No one really appreciates the music I make, I feel, but I guess I do and that’s what really matters since I am really just making it for myself anyways.

There was some weird drama with Dread when I came back that I didn’t quite fully understand, more on that scoop later when details emerge. The gist of it is he is moving out and back to Sulpher Springs.

Right now I’m tired as a mug. Except for about 2 hours of sleep, I’ve been up since I woke up yesterday, which was around noon. Granted I had about 16 hours of sleep before that, but I’m now of the opinion all my reserve energy is used up. So I’m going to take my leave now with the promise that I will return later with more updateness.

Also, I have no email address for the diary, so hold all questions until they will no longer bounce and I will put up an email address you can talk to me at.

Bis Spater


Quote of the Entry: “There is a 90% chance we will enter a full recession over the next two years.”- Alan Greenspan (thanks a ton buddy)

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