Dear Diary,

Hi. Things are good. And you? Great, good to hear it.

If you want to email me, now you are able to: Which incidentally is the domain of the girl across the street’s roommate.

I don’t know how reliable that email address is so I imagine we’ll just have to see how long I keep it. But I don’t see it being too terribly unreliable.

Anyways. I have noticed the providence that I have been experiencing over the last few days and have come to the conclusion that it cannot be just coincidence or chance. I have been essentially unemployed for a good while now and except for maybe one or two days have not been without money in my pocket. Either I find a ten dollar bill here, or someone pays me for a ride to this or that from the neighborhood or what have you. It’s cool.

Furthermore, balderdash and rumplemints. Because in heretofore unmentioned untold millions, what undid the unmentionables was indiscriminate absolution.

And stuff!

Over and out. Mail me.


Quote of the Entry: “”I have come again, look for me where the darkness lies, where the evil of men is apparent.. look for me on the internet” – the chancellor

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