Dear Diary,

What’s new? Not much here. I’m thinking about being more and more creative lately. I think I’m going to finally fill out some of those missing endings to those stories I started ages ago on this here diary, and I’m going to write some new stories.

Nothing new has been going on lately. This weekend I went to Tyler and got to visit with my good buddies and family alike. My buddies aren’t doing so well but my family seems to be doing alright.

My entire family was pleased by my decision to go back and get some school, even if it was only to get a certification (I have decided to get a project management certification from the local community college).

So happy with me in fact that they even lent me money with out my asking. They often do that when I’m in favor with them. When this is the case they have this game they play, and it’s called “Who can slip Rizzn the most money secretly.”

Throughout the weekend various members of my family will give me arbitrary amounts of money all secret like and say don’t tell anyone about this. Like I’m selling them drugs or something. My mom won this round, she gave me like a hundred bucks. My dad and gramma gave me some too.

I guess you could say I win every time instead of any other member of the family. Because I’m the one walking away with the ca$h. Heh.

In an unrelated comical note, I applied for a non-tech job at the local Half-Priced books (that’s not the comical part you doof, you’ll know it when you read it).

*waits for uproarious laughter to subside*

At any rate, they have two openings available. One is for work on the sales floor. I want this one. A) Because it’s easy, and B) because lots of hot chicks hang out at that location and I feel it’s prime fishing grounds. But the other opening was in the warehouse. (blech) And on the application for that there was a section where you list any experience, skills, hobbies, abilities, or other such nonsense that would aid you, attach additional pages if neccesary. I figured I really didn’t want to do manual labor for a living, so I decided to put “In my spare time I pick up items and put the back down in a different place on top of other things (neatly).”

Maybe I’ll get the job.


Quote of the Entry: (from the chat logs)

TenderPoison17: My hero! You need a harem to take care of you and make you feel better.
RznDoUrdn: hrmm… Do you know anyone I can have in a harem?
TenderPoison17: Well, I’m available! I’m sure I could find a few other chick willing too if you like!
RznDoUrdn: Sure! you could be my harem manager.
TenderPoison17: ooh! I’ve never been a manager before.

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