Dear Diary,

The point of life is not to get a girlfriend as a substitute for all your friends. This is one of the main reasons I don’t actively pursue chicks.

Sure sure, I pursue chicks but one of the reasons I haven’t picked up a steady lately is not for lack of opportunity, but primarily because I haven’t found a girl that jives with the crew very well.

Take Phitt and Crackbaby for example. Their girls, Melissa and LittleAbby respectively, hang out with us and have meaningful things to say to us on a regular basis with or without their counterparts.

Even with b00radley and his ex, Tanya who wasn’t necesarily a favorite in the apartment, she still got along with and hung out with us on a regular basis, not isolating her and her boyfriend from the rest of the crew.

I know that I’m not always innocent of being ‘part of the crew’ with my relationships with girls sometimes but I think at this point we have all learned our lesson. Or at least I hope so.
Where am I going with this? I’m not sure. I’ve been accused of being a so-called friend to someone, and I read that someone here is going to become a hermit with his girlfriend. The circumstances of this individual leaving were very weird, and they are still a bit to fresh I think to post to the public coming from anyone but the source. And at the risk of angering this individual I’m going to also say that the circumstances of this individual’s leaving of the apartment were very irresponsible and could have had serious repercussions not only for the individual but for the rest of our crew.

So the situation surrounding his departure from our company were both weird and touchy. So no wonder why we don’t post about it on the internet. I would say if I were an outside observer such as our accusor who had inside information of the whole turn of events that we were being more respectful rather than non-friend-like.

This is so freaking highschool.

But this is me doing my d*land civic duty and using my page as a soapbox and trying to stir up drama at the same time of letting some of my feelings coming up to the surface.

In other news, what’s the deal with India and this monkey man scare that they have going on? It’s crazy! Go check it out, it’s in the Oddly Enough section on Yahoo! news.

Over and out mein freunds…


Quote of the Entry: ” I find it rather odd that [Dread’s] so-called “friends” haven’t even mentioned him lately or really acted like friends period. Piss on them.- uzume “

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