HEllo THere DIary…

A little commentary about my new layout…

What you can’t tell about that picture of me which has been cropped out is that I had a crackpipe in one hand and a lighter in the other. Another thing that you may or may not be able to tell from that picture is that I was totally trashed. That picture was from the night that foo and I tried to drink each other under the table back in like february or something.

What else. I dunno. It’s your basic brown. Okay so that was a boring subject — moving on.
Yesterday night Uzume talked to me and told me she didn’t mean the piss off statement to be as bad as it came off. So that’s cool.

I suddenly have the hankering to watch the robotech series again like I did last year when I was unemployed.

We just got done watching the Macross Plus movie edition of the series.

I’m going to go take a shower and give a friend a ride to the tire store now. I’m looking for a nuther job again because yet ANOTHER job dried up for me and count bradley today. Hiring freeze. Sheesh, can’t they at least be original in their excuses as to why we can’t get a job?

I’m working on a VB version of my resume, which will soon be up. Hopefully it’ll be cool enough to get me a job somewhere.

Sheesh, I’ve got nothing to say today. But I can sure put a bunch of horizontal rules on a HTML document, can’t I?


Quote of the Entry: (from the chat logs)
AcidzCraze: is there anything else you guys want?
RznDoUrdn: Can you send down in that package a pretty girl for me and matt. perhaps two so we dont have to share?
AcidzCraze: hahaha! a pretty girl? I’m sure i can do that… you may have to add water though
AcidzCraze: and the whole intelligence issue might pose a problem
RznDoUrdn: we got plenty of that here!
RznDoUrdn: hrmm..
RznDoUrdn: matt says the intellgence thing isn’t a big deal.
AcidzCraze: 😀
AcidzCraze: i’ll see what i can do: 😀
AcidzCraze: i’ll see what i can do

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