Name: Osama bin Laden (a.k.a. Usama bin Ladin)

Aliases: Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin, Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin, the Prince, the

Emir, Abu Abdallah, Mujahid Shaykh, Hajj, the Director, the Contractor


Date of Birth: 1957

Hair: Brown

Place of Birth: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6′ 4″ to 6′ 6″

Complexion: Olive

Weight: Approximately 160 pounds

Sex: Male

Build: Thin

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Occupations: Unknown

Remarks: Leader of a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda “The Base”.

He walks with a cane.

Scars and Marks: None


The United States Government is offering a reward of up to $5 million for

information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Usama Bin


Bin Ladin also described his global banking network, naming institutions in

Sudan, Malaysia, Britain, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Information on Osama bin Laden’s Family

Al-Qa’ida training facilities exist in:

Philippines, Algeria, Sudan, Afghanistan and Eritrea

Osama bin Laden, the youngest of some twenty surviving sons of one of Saudi

Arabia’s wealthiest and most prominent families, a family that ran the largest

construction companies in the Arab world, has 51 siblings and is the scion of

a large, wealthy family whose father was a favored contractor for the Saudi

royal family. Several of Osama’s relatives have resided on and off in Boston

during the past decade.

During five years of exile in Sudan, from 1991 to 1996, bin Laden placed his

wealth — a fortune now estimated at more than two hundred and fifty million

dollars, largely in foreign bank accounts — at the disposal of militant Islamist

groups around the world. Whether he retains access to his family’s fortune,

which is estimated to be worth some five billion dollars, is a matter of dispute.

Idealogically, he is part puritanical Wahhabi, the dominant school of Islam

in Saudi Arabia, yet at one time he may have led a very liberated social life.

He is part feudal Saudi, an aristocrat who, from time to time, would retreat

with his father to the desert and live in a tent. And he is of a Saudi generation

that came of age during the rise of OPEC, with the extraordinary wealth that

accompanied it: a generation whose religious fervor or political zeal, complemented

by government airline tickets, led thousands to fight a war in a distant Muslim


Supports troops in: Afghanistan, Bosnia,

Chechnya, Somalia, Yemen, and now Kosovo as well as central Asian republics,

Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and even Iran.

al-Qa’ida (Bin Ladin’s orgainsation),

Harakat ul-Ansar, Egyptian al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya, Hamas, Islamic Jihad

and Hizbullah have agreed to pool their resources to fight their common

enemies, being the United States and Israel. The organisation is called:

International Islamic Front for Jihad

Against the Jews and Crusaders.” It was formed in February 1998.

al-Qa’ida‘s mission statement: “unite all

Muslims and to establish a government which follows the rule of the Caliphs.”

Bin Ladin has stated that the only way to establish the Caliphate is by

force. Al-Qa’ida’s goal, therefore, is to overthrow nearly all Muslim

governments, which are viewed as corrupt, to drive Western influence from

those countries, and eventually to abolish state boundaries.

Most recently he was reportedly moving between four or five camps in

Afghanistan which are the bases for about

200 followers staying with him. He has financed and supported some

600 or 700 other people outside Afghanistan. Bin Laden is said to have

established cells of supporters in Yemen, and as of late 1996 it was reported

that an additional 2,000 “Afghans” were resident in Somalia

and the Ogaden region, with relatively few actually in Afghanistan.

Bin-Ladin was involved in operations against the American forces in Somalia

in 1993.

Osama Bin Laden is suspected by the US of being responsible for 1996 bomb

attacks on American service personnel in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Bin Ladin publicly issued his “Declaration

of War” against the United States in August 1996.

(all above sources: FAS Intelligence Resource Program, al-Qa’ida press

releases, and U.S. State Department briefings).

One US intelligence officials says: “You break up a cell, and another

one grows. There is no longer one man. If Usama bin Ladin were to fall

off a cliff in Afghanistan, we would all cheer, but his organisation would

still be in place. From his perspective, he’s got a 100-year program.

He’s probably eight years into it and you can’t expect to get too far

in the first 10 years. But he’s consolidating Afghanistan. He’s fighting

a war in Chechnya that has bled the Russians, and now they’re making inroads

in the Philippines and Indonesia.” (source: Jane’s Report on Bin

Ladin’s Activities)

Al-Fadl alleged that Bin Ladin and his associates once tried to buy uranium

from Sudanese black marketeers. US prosecutors also allege that at various

times since 1992, Bin Laden and a top associate have tried to purchase

components to build a nuclear weapon. While it is not clear that Bin Ladin

has the technical expertise or resources to fashion the ultimate terrorist

bomb, experts caution that he could fairly easily build a so-called ‘dirty

bomb’, a conventional weapon that would shower lethal radioactive material

over a wide area.

(source: Jane’s Report on Bin Ladin’s Activities)

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