This is the notes for my interview John Batchelor and John Alexander this evening (WABC 770am NYC @ 10:00pm EST) I’ve compiled into a CWR.  It is based almost entirely off the newsgroup postings of John Walker Lindh before his departure for Yemen and later Afghanistan.


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CyberWar Report #3: John Walker Lindh Supplemental

The update as of December 15th, 2001

Report assembled by Mark Hopkins


of Parallad Studios OSIS Project

John Walker Lindh

Internet Profile and Analysis


19 years old now, John Walker Lindh began showing his presence online around mid-1995 (Jun 30th, 1995) using the whimsical e-mail address “” and other similar variants at age 14.  From his posting style, his language command is somewhat sophisticated, however the subject of his emails were mostly inflammatory trollings to begin with, the kind that most experienced newsgroupers will skip, and newbies/marks tend to respond in kind to. 

He presented himself as a young, black hip-hop dj.  The majority of his usage of his usage of newsgroups was to buy and sell audio equiptment, and occasionally other items such as console gaming systems, comics, and music collections, as well as occasionally make commentary on other’s posted lyrics or to post lyrics of his own.

It can be said that John Walker Lindh, or John Doe, as he was known in his hip hop dj’ing circles, that he was somewhat of an expert the area of hip hop music, and he had one of the first hip-hop webpages on the internet, named “John Doe’s Dukey Palace” (  Unfortunately, there exist no current archives of this page, and is no longer independantly owned (purchased by BOSS Technologies – seemed to be an ISP that was somehow affiliated with the old famous ISP from SF, the Well ( – 

The attempt to get rid of his music collection in 1995 was most likely an attempt to convert to vinyl, since that is a better format for the dj wanting to mix music.  In any case, it looks as if it was unsuccessful, because in 1997 he was still trying to sell the cds along with the vinyl for religious reasons.

In 1996, it is observed he first started asking questions about the Islamic faith, wanting to know what music was forbidden by the Quoran.  Also, in 1996, he began to start liquidating much of his personal belongings (comics, music, console gaming stations, equipment) presumably to buy audio equiptment as well as a vinyl recording of Malcom X speeches.

In 1997, he bought and sold a volumunously large amount of audio equipment, as well as becoming more sure in his Islamic beliefs, no longer just asking questions, but answering them as well.  Towards the end of the year, he had what appears to be all of his audio equipment and music collection for sale on the marketplace newsgroups.

The last post he made regarding religion reflected what can be considered probably the most extreme version of Fundamentalist Islam in which he takes what some consider to be the anti-Semite position of differentiating between Zionism and Judaism.

I consulted my father John C. Hopkins (a psychologist), before concluding my analysis, on John Walker Lindh.  I noticed the rapid procession into Fundamentalist Islam, and from interviews with his parents (his Dad an Irish Catholic and his mom a Buddhist), the family and environment he was brought up into appeared to be quite hippy-happy, no boundaries or rules imposed. 

My armchair diagnosis was that there was failure in the family somewhere, and that the parents could be blamed in some way for the descent into fanaticism.  He agreed with me to a certain extent, but said there are three things that most people try to find out as they progress to adulthood: Who they are, where they came from, and where they are going.  He told me that spiritual instruction from parental figures does not always ensure that children will not rebel, but if this isn’t recieved in the home, and the child is encouraged, as John Walker Lindh was, to find his own true path from an early age, there are no shortage of leaders in the world who are willing to fill that void, and in Lindh’s case, not all of them good.

John Walker Lindh’s Internet Profile

You can view these posts in their original format by going to and doing a search with the “author:” option using the following email addresses:

a) : from aug 12 1995 – aug 19 1997 (46 posts)

b) : from jun 30 1995 (1 post)

c) : from jul 07 1995 – jul 19 1995 (2 posts)

d) : from jul 01 1995 (1 post)

And the following website (offline – cache unrecovered as of yet):



Flame about a generalization that “all black men should read this rhyme.”

Flame criticizing some (ed: bad) lyrics.

Getting rid of part of his CD collection. (includes Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and Redman).  The reason he lists is that he doesn’t have a CD player (this fact, however, is refuted in his next post to by his stating he has a Turbo Grafx CD System for sale, which will play audio CDs)




WTB: a Roland MS-1 Sampler, Alesis D4 Drum Machine, SR-16 Drum Machine, Rack Mountable Ensonique Mirage, Malcom X Speeches on Vinyl, E-MU Drumulator,

FS: Sega Genesis System (with games), the same cds he was trying to sell last year, the CD set that tends to come with Packard Bell computers in 1995-1996 MPC units, his well tended to Marvel Comics Cards collection, his Daredevil 258-318 collection + misc other Marvel Comics (mint condition), Tape of a freestyle performance collection,

First post to alt.religion.islam:

I’ve heard recently that certain musical instruments are forbidden by Islam.

There is nothing in the Qur’an that I can find relating to this matter, and the Hadith that I’ve read were fairly vague.

My question is this: are in fact certain musical instruments haram, and if so, which instruments or types of instruments are they?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

There were two responses: The first advised that drums were the only allowed instrument, but only before going to Jihad or at weddings.  The second response said it was up to one’s own logical faculties to decide what was “haram” (forbidden) or “not haram” — as long as the music didn’t lead to sexual behavior it shouldn’t matter.

Flame on regarding drug usage and hip-hop in which he clearly states he looks down on drug usage as lowering ones conscience level.





WTB: BOSS DR-660 DM, ARP AXXE or Moog Prodigy,

FS: Akai S01 Sampler, E-MU Drumulator, BOSS DR-660 DM, what appears to be his entire music collection,

Started signing his emails Mr. Mujahid (Arabic derivation of the word for holy warrior)

On alt.religion.islam, asked question: “are drawings of

living things (besides plants) forbidden altogether?” There were no responses.

On soc.religion.islam, posted a call to fellow Muslims to show solidarity and not to quibble over petty differences.

On soc.religion.islam, posted a chime-in post mentioning his agreement that those who are Zionists are not Jews and vice versa.

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